Mission Statement

The Friends Of Cas Berris Association

The Friends of Cas Berris Association, a non-profit, is charged with three interdependent tasks:

First is the comprehensive restoration of Cas Berris –
a16th century Finca.

Second is the funding of the restoration and upgrades –
through the transformation and development (without compromise to authenticity) of the Cas Berris Finca Demesne, including gardens and grounds, into a premiere global destination for a: memorable vacation; focused conference; or secluded negotiation.

Third is making a contribution to the Island of Ibiza –
Cas Berris purely mediterranean is marketed exclusively to new international visitors / Sponsors who experience the Mediterranean on a special island of unparalleled beauty, elegant charm and provocative mystique, to make Cas Berris purely mediterranean a worldwide Landmark for Ibiza.

Board of Governors:
Muriel C. Hahn, Chairwoman
Brian K. Fairbend, Director Planning and Development & Chief Financial Officer

Administration and Management of Cas Berris Operations:
Stephen D. Bradley, President and General Manager Cas Berris Operations and General Manager Cas Berris Estate
Santiago Mari Ribas, General Counsel Cas Berris Operations.